Step back in time to this blend of desert, oases, rivers, landscapes and audacious Islamic buildings.

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The futuristic architecture of the capital contrasts with wild mountains, green valleys and western deserts.

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Nestled away in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is packed with huge mountains, deep gorges, meandering valleys...

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Discover Central Asia holidays by Nova Travel

Step back in time with a visit to the ‘stans’ – land of soaring minarets, blue-domed mosques and strikingly unique architecture. Historically positioned in the crossroads of important trading routes, the influence of the Silk Road – bringing a mix of traditions, cultures and wealth – can still be seen today, and adventurous travellers can explore the ancient route.

An immense region, Central Asia is also full of beautiful landscapes, with sweeping desert, awe-inspiring canyons, shimmering lakes, vast steppe plains, huge mountains and meandering valleys.

From train journeys which follow the glories of the Silk Road to art and architectural tours of Uzbekistan, Nova Travel has created group tours and suggested itineraries to showcase the best of the region. 

Alternatively, if you would like to create your own itinerary in consultation with a Central Asia expert, please fill out the tailor-made form and a Nova Travel tour consultant will help to create your perfect holiday.

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Uncover vast deserts, chaotic bazaars, awe-inspiring canyons, ancient cities, historic sites and monuments.

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