Luxury holiday destinations by Nova Travel

If you are looking for the best holiday destinations, Nova Travel offers worldwide holidays to some of the most fascinating parts of the globe.

Our luxury holiday destinations include the Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, the Far East, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the Indian Ocean, Australasia and the South Pacific, and the Caribbean.

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From Botswana to Zimbabwe, Africa offers some of the most spectacular landscapes and wildlife in the world.

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Central America

Wander magnificent Mayan ruins and delve deep into the rainforest to spot spectacular birdlife and other animals.

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Uncover the culture, heritage, art and beauty found in more than 40 countries and countless cities in Europe.

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Central Asia

Encounter blue-domed cities, the legacy of the Silk Road, vast deserts, towering mountains and yurts.

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Combine luxurious relaxation with a spot of adventure in the wonderfully lush islands of the Caribbean.

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South America

Discover breathtaking natural landscapes, inimitable wildlife, spectacular ancient sites and beguiling cultures.

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Indian Subcontinent

Be captivated by the enticing, enigmatic and spiritual destinations of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

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Middle East

Ancient and revered sites, splendid Islamic architecture, desert landscapes and labyrinthine souks await.

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Be awestruck by the icy wilderness of the polar region, meeting penguins or polar bears along the way.

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North America

Major cities, modern cultures and vast wildernesses ensure plenty is ready to be explored and discovered.

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Australasia Pacific

Explore Australia or New Zealand, or relax on sandy shores among swaying palms in the beautiful Pacific islands.

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Indian Ocean

Take a well-earned break on some of the finest white sand beaches, among turquoise seas and coral gardens.

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Far East

Be immersed in the fast pace of its cities, the spirituality of its temples, and the tranquility of its natural world.

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