Discover a land of breathtaking fjords, midnight sun, glaciers, colourful villages and stunning scenery.

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Enjoy delectable food and wine, stunning architecture, Moorish monuments, vibrant cities and charming villages.

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European holiday destinations by Nova Travel

Although Europe is the second smallest continent on the planet, it has played a remarkable part in the creation of Western culture. A patchwork of over 40 countries, each destination still has claims to ancient history, and scattered remnants can still be seen today. Each country possesses its own culture, traditions and language – displaying such diversity even to close neighbours – not to mention delectable food and timeless art.

Compact, ancient and beautiful, Europe offers some of the best cultural experiences in the world, alongside stunning natural splendours – all less than five hours away from your doorstep. 

Nova Travel offers a wide variety of luxury holidays in Europe. From tours to Russia, Poland and Eastern Europe to luxury breaks in Italy, Cyprus and Albania, tours highlighting Turkey’s fascinating history and architecture, and short breaks throughout Western, Southern and Eastern Europe. Our expert tour consultants have all travelled extensively throughout the region, and would be delighted to help you choose your luxury holiday to Europe.

So whether you would like to chase the northern lights in Iceland, explore Russia via the Trans-Siberian express, uncover renaissance art in Italy or take a short break in Turkey, our tour consultants will be able to arrange it all for you.

Discover Europe

Europe destinations


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Czech Republic

Discover the charming city of Prague on one of Cox & Kings' holidays to the Czech Republic.

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Discover pastel coloured villages, beautiful cities, stay in ice hotels and track the Northern lights.

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Be captivated by spectacular fjords, Viking remains, fishing villages and a rich cultural heritage.

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Be captivated by this vast country with its rich history plus world-class art, ballet and theatre.

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Discover a wealth of sights – Istanbul where east meets west, Pamukkale, Troy, Aphrodisias, Ephesus and more.

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Voyage to this land of fire and ice, with its smoking volcanoes, geothermal springs, enormous glaciers and more.

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Find handsome architecture, rich cultural heritage, thermal springs, spa towns and coffee houses.

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United Kingdom

Discover medieval castles, charming villages, Roman ruins and breathtaking coastal scenery 

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Expect castles, roman ruins, snow-capped mountains, modern cities, ancient forests and more.

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