Discover Luxury holidays in South America by Nova Travel

The ultimate adventure playground, Latin America stretches from the wilds of Patagonia, through the Amazonian rainforest, past Incan ruins and up to the truly unique wildlife of the Galapagos.

The destination offers iconic attractions that can’t be seen anywhere else – Iguazu falls, Machu Picchu, Torres Del Paine, Salar de Uyuni and Easter Island, alongside wildlife – whales, sea lions, monkeys, jaguars, guanacos, condors and blue-footed boobies.

In this land of cultures, colours, coffee, and celebration, you’ll meet some of the warmest people you’ve ever come across.

Our tour consultants have all travelled extensively throughout the region and will be delighted to help you choose a tour or arrange a tailor-made holiday to South America. From tours to Machu Picchu in Peru to luxury holidays in Brazil, towering glaciers in Chile and wildlife holidays to Ecuador and the Galapagos, Nova Travel has extensive experience at organising tours throughout South America.

Whether you want to cruise down the waters of the Amazon, see how the people on Lake Titicaca live or meet seals in the Galapagos, all is possible to do with our expert South America consultants.

Explore South America

South America destinations​



Delight in Brazil’s energetic lust for life, exotic rhythms and amazing blend of landscapes and cultures.

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Encounter indigenous communities and natural landscapes like Lake Titicaca and Salar de Uyuni.

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Guyana is an unspoilt wilderness of magnificent natural treasures, including the mighty Kaieteur Falls.

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Ecuador & the Galapagos

Combine high Andes mountains and market towns with landscapes home to unique wildlife.

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Be immersed in Incan culture and unforgettable sights from Machu Picchu to Colca Canyon and Arequipa to Cuzco.

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This peaceful country offers sandy beaches, coastal reserves, grassy plains and cattle ranches.

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Explore this land of natural stunning beauty, from Iguazu Falls to the Perito Moreno glacier.

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Encounter distinctive wildlife, beautiful beaches and the world’s tallest waterfall, Angel Falls.

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Falkland Islands

Uncover immaculate beaches, huge open spaces and wildlife from penguins to elephant seals.

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Marvel at a land of incredible contrasts – from lunar desert landscapes to the wilderness of Patagonia.

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Largely untouched by mass tourism, discover colonial heritage and extremely warm people.

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