Discover Luxury holidays in North America by Nova Travel

From the pulsating cities of New York to the stunning natural landscapes of the Canadian Rockies, to the Aztec ruins and indigenous villages of Mexico, all holidays to North America are guaranteed to be a kaleidoscope of colourful experiences.

Travel to the iconic cities of Los Angeles and Toronto, or wander the streets of colonial Oaxaca or Montréal, with its French influences. Visit the thundering Niagara Falls, learn about rich indigenous cultures, and be amazed by the local wildlife – go whale watching in Baja California, or spot grizzly bears out the window of the famous Rocky Mountaineer train.

Lastly, who could forget the impressive structures of the Aztecs and Mayans, found scattered through Mexico – all hiding ancient secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Nova Travel has a team of experts who have all travelled extensively within North America, undergoing training and experiencing the destinations first-hand.

Whether you’re after a historic art tour in Mexico, a city stay in Washington D.C, a cultural rail journey through Canada  or a relaxing holiday to Hawaii – whatever your preference, we’re more than happy to help create your perfect North American holiday.

Explore North America

North America destinations


Explore mountain panoramas, ice covered wilderness, vineyards, farmland and maple forests.

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United States Of America

Discover the dramatic wilderness of Alaska, or unwind on the spectacular Pacific islands of Hawaii.

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Explore Mayan and Aztec ruins, tropical rainforests, colonial cities and stunning beaches.

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