From the pyramids to Abu Simbel and Aswan to the temple of Philae, Egypt possesses iconic ancient sites.

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Discover the contrasts from Roman cities and biblical sites to beautiful desert and the Dead Sea.

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Discover Middle East holidays by Nova Travel 

History is written everywhere in the Middle East – from the Roman ruins of Morocco to the ancient city of Petra and the grand pyramids of Egypt. It’s where Christianity, Judaism and Islam all arose – and where humankind first began to write.

In this region with a remarkable past, beauty lies everywhere – in the stunning Islamic architecture, desert landscapes, immersive bazaars, and the incredible hospitality of the people.

From luxury Nile cruises in Egypt to tours taking in the Roman ruins of Morocco and Jordan, Nova Travel has a comprehensive programme of holidays to the Middle East and North Africa.

If you prefer to travel privately, our expert Tour Consultants have all travelled extensively throughout the region, and will be happy to tailor-make your holiday. From Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan, or the breathtaking mountain scenery of Oman’s Jebel Shams and the splendid Roman ruins of Volubilis in Morocco, this is a fascinating and rewarding region for the adventurous traveller.

Nova Travel also offers short breaks in Marrakech, Jerusalem and Beirut, as well as luxury breaks to Dubai and the Gulf States.

Explore the Middle East

Middle East destinations


Discover a wealth of sights – Istanbul where east meets west, Pamukkale, Troy, Aphrodisias, Ephesus and more.

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Israel & the OPT

Unravel the past and visit ancient fortresses, biblical sites, shrines, temples and the Wailing Wall.

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Uncover a land of cultural and scenic diversity, from the bustling souks of Marrakech to the stunning Atlas Mountains.

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Step back in time to this blend of desert, oases, rivers, landscapes and audacious Islamic buildings.

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United Arab Emirates

Meet this country of contrasts – from desert and Islamic architecture to modern, futuristic buildings.

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See the long and eventful history of Tunisia in its impressive ruins and Unesco heritage sites.

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The futuristic architecture of the capital contrasts with wild mountains, green valleys and western deserts.

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Uncover vast deserts, chaotic bazaars, awe-inspiring canyons, ancient cities, historic sites and monuments.

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Experience bustling Muscat’s forts and souks, the Wahiba Sands desert or relax along the coast.

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Explore the souks, gardens and splendid Islamic architecture of Shiraz and Isfahan on cultural tours to Iran.

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