South Korea

Relax in this beautiful peninsula with palaces, temples, islands, mountains and traditional customs.

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Experience the ultimate contrast of old and new, from futuristic Tokyo to striking Mount Fuji.

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Discover impressive Angkor Wat and the complicated history of the Cambodian people.

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Delight in undeveloped Laos, with its French colonial buildings, remarkable scenery and friendly people.

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Discover Far East holidays by Nova Travel

A place where spirituality reigns, the Far East is a destination where even the most seasoned traveller can discover something new. The calming allure of striking temples is contrasted by the bright lights and fast pace of its cities. Verdant green rice paddies are offset by glorious, isolated beaches; and tranquil villages by bustling street markets, chock full of delicious food.

Intriguing, exotic and spiritual, the Far East can captivate like no other. Wonder at the Great Wall of China and Halong Bay, drift above the stupas of Pagan, Burma in a hot air balloon, and find yourself among monks in golden robes. Meanwhile, stay in traditional accommodation like gers in Mongolia and ryokans in Japan; hear stories of folklore and experience the customs of tea ceremonies.

It is also a destination where wildlife abounds – you can meet swinging orang utans in Borneo, learn the plight of the pandas in China, play with Asian elephants in Thailand, and marvel at underwater life, found just off the coast of world-famous beaches. The Far East is diverse and fascinating – we’ll help you to discover the best of this enigmatic continent. 

Our dedicated team of experts has travelled extensively throughout the region, researching the finest 5-star city hotels, cultural attractions and off the beaten track excursions. We offer high quality tours, private journeys and tailor-made travel ideas to a range of destinations in the Far East. 

From luxury cruises on the Irrawaddy river in Burma, wildlife holidays in Borneo, stunning beaches in Thailand, culture and history in China and Japan to the wilderness of Mongolia, the Far East has something to offer every traveller.

Explore the Far East

Far East destinations​



Discover the sheer beauty of island life, with stepped rice terraces, unique wildlife and white sand beaches.

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Borneo is renowned for its steamy rainforests and marine national parks, remote tribes and diverse wildlife.

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Visit Halong Bay, the mighty Mekong, fascinating cities, national monuments and tribal villages.

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Savour delicious cuisine alongside golden temples, tribal culture, mountains and pristine beaches.

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Experience modern cities, delectable cuisine and man-made structures amid ancient culture.

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Indonesia is a vast archipelago encompassing 17,000 islands, rich in  environments, people, history and culture.

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Visit some of the best restaurants in Asia, shop to your hearts content and soak in the local culture.

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Revel in the diversity of this small island; its dramatic capital city, food markets and natural landscapes.

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Encounter sacred temples and friendly people in a country that remains untouched by mass tourism.

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Experience life as a nomad in one of the world's last true and largely untouched wilderness destinations.

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Papua New Guinea

Visit one of the most rewarding destinations in the South Pacific, and uncover one-of-a-kind flora and fauna.

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North Korea

Visit one of the most mysterious and little known countries in the world and experience a truly unique culture.

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It is not a stretch to imagine Malaysia as being two countries in one...

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