Cruise holidays & river cruises

Nova Travel offers a selection of adventurous sea-based cruising holidays, river cruises and canal cruises for those seeking to combine the excitement of discovery travel with the relaxation and comfort of cruising.

They offer genuine travel experiences. Often small ship cruises, they offer travel to places not easily reached by other means, and usually with an emphasis on excursions accompanied by expert guides and lecturers.

The benefits of taking a cruise holiday with Nova Travel

Value for money: To allow travellers the benefit of savings that group travel affords, transfers and excursions relevant to each itinerary are operated on a group basis with other passengers who may or may not be Nova Travel clients

Extensions: Nova Travel is happy to arrange for you to extend your stay beyond the escorted group tour dates. We have suggested extension options for most tours, but our specialist consultants would also be delighted to design a tailor-made extension for you, either pre- or post-tour, to fit in with your interests. Such extensions are operated on the same basis as private travel unless other Nova Travel travellers on the same cruise voyage choose to take the same extension, in which case the relevant services may be shared.