Why choose Nova Travel?

Wherever you choose to travel with Nova Travel, you can travel with confidence.

The expertise and experience of our tour consultants, and the knowledge and enthusiasm of our guides and local representatives on the ground enable you to be fully informed before you book, and carefree when you travel.

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing to travel with Nova Travel.

50 years of expertise

Dedicated teams of regional experts
Our specialist consultants have all travelled extensively in their regions and offer you a wealth of expert knowledge. Whether you are looking to join a set tour or take a private tailor-made journey, you can travel with the reassurance that your itinerary will have been planned by a regional specialist.

The best support in country
Over the years, Nova Travel has sought out and developed working relationships with the finest local agents on the ground. These are all companies that have a detailed knowledge of their own country, a wide network of local representatives and expert guides, an understanding of Nova Travel standards and, not least, an appreciation of the expectations of those who travel with us.

The Nova Travel heritage
As the one of the longest-established travel company in the world , we have the experience to create travel arrangements of the highest calibre.

Excellent Value

Low price policy
We believe that expert knowledge and excellent service should come as standard. Whether the planning of your holiday takes one phone call or multiple discussions over many weeks, there is no additional cost to you for our experts’ input. It is also our policy to keep our prices as low as possible, to make high quality travel accessible to the largest number of people we can.

Buying power
This low price policy is made possible through our buying power, which is generated by the combined influence of the Nova Travel group of companies worldwide. As a result, we are able to contract flights, hotels and ground services at highly competitive rates.

Comparing like with like
By its nature, high quality travel is not cheap and, when planning a trip, it can seem as if there is a big difference in price between what, on the surface, are similar holidays. When comparing like with like, we are confident that our holidays represent excellent value for money when the number and quality of services included are taken into account.

High Quality Service

Services of the our offices
In addition to the expertise of your personal tour consultant, Nova Travel aims to provide the highest levels of customer care, from your initial inquiry through to the detailed itineraries and tour notes sent to you prior to departure, and finally, in answering any queries you may have when you return from your travels.

Personal service on your travels
Whether you are part of a group or travelling independently, you will be met at each airport, train station and quay along the way, transferred to and from your hotel and have the details of your itinerary explained to you.

Expert local guides
Nova Travel uses the services of specially chosen local English-speaking guides who really know their subject and can bring places to life. In addition to providing relevant background information, they can also explain the local way of life, customs and issues in depth, far beyond what is covered in even the best guidebooks.

A focus on sustainability

We believe that holidays should benefit the local people and their environment, and we strive to ensure that the local culture and communities form an integral part of our trips.

Your full protection
We have full industry bonding– meaning your tour will be the best available in the market.

Our feedback results
We believe the best judges of our holidays are our customers. Every Nova Travel traveller is sent a feedback form, and all comments are fully read, considered, and appreciated.